Painting Contractors Cape Town

Have you invested in a new property build or buy and want to personalize it? Or have you simply grown tired of the same old look your business premise or residential home has had for the past decade and want a complete overhaul?

Well look no further than Refurb My Home for we are painting contractors Cape Town can be proud of and are here to do it for you. We offer the following:

Commercial / Residential House Painting

If you are looking to overhaul and give your property a new look we are here to offer you the very best residential painting contractors. Having being in the industry for a number of years we have made it our goal to offer the best painting services to you. Our house painters use the best exterior paint on the market to paint houses in Cape Town.

residential painting contractors

To do this we have continuously looked to advancement in current paint technologies and have tested various products and know what works and what doesn’t. The result of this is that you get the very best and professional look that is sure to last for decades to come. Our residential home painters also offer complete commercial painting services.

External / Internal Walls

Ideally with the encouragement to do it yourself, you might have considered painting your house yourself. Unfortunately painting a house requires much more than just buying a tin of paint and a brush and get on with house painting outside. We have inside / interior and outside / exterior house painters fully trained and qualified using the best paint on the market.

Here at Refurb My Home we offer you the very best of painting contractors in Cape Town by ensuring we stick to the guidelines that guarantee a long lasting high quality paint job. We are backed with the knowledge that external home painting is very much different from internal house painting and thus approach it accordingly.

house painting contractors

With us the dreaded chipping of paint couple months after a paint job simply does not exist as we ensure quality and our previous work speaks for itself. You will get clean, professional house painting lines that will give your house a homey and welcoming feel.

Need a Roof Painter?

A trend that has finally caught up with various people especially in Cape Town that is certainly going to transform your house from daft to outstanding, is that of roof painting. Ideally roof painting requires a different approach in regards to the type of material that is used. We offer the best roofing painting services when it comes to a simple roof coating, seal, repair or roof restoration. Whether it be a metal, tile, tin or flat roof, we can do it all.

High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Whether if its tiles, corrugated metal or other we have perfected the art of painting a roof to ensure that it lasts for years on end. We ensure right from the get go with high pressure roof cleaning before painting or removing moss, mold or dirt that we use high quality products.

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Our professional input ensures that painting of the roof does not come off as in patches out as an appealing roofing system that will speak bounds about you. Ideally if you’re looking hire a painter company, apartment painters or just get painting quotes, we at Refurb My Home have taken steps to ensure we also have the right gear to tackle any roof.

As expected most people who do it themselves simply do not put much in consideration when it comes to safety. Here we do so ensuring that painting your roof does not become a saddening affair but one that is to be celebrated.

Waterproofing and Damp proofing

In addition to various services a painter contractor in cape town offer, we offer water proofing services for your house. Ideally you might have realized that moisture might be doing unimaginable damage to your house especially if you have a basement. Soon enough this turns out to be a full fledged mold issue that is hazardous to ones health.

Our painters in Cape Town have garnered the skills necessary to water proof. With so many water proofing products in the market this days it is easy to get confused on what to use and how to use it. Unfortunately mixing and wrong application of products might aggravate the problem or simply do nothing to curb the issue.

To avoid this altogether hiring the services of a professional are in order. With us we ensure that we do the job right the first time saving you time and money giving you a full proof water proof house that will do you proud.

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Knowing that residential and commercial painting projects are large investments, here at Refurb My Home we ensure that we approach every clients needs and wants in a unique manner. As we realize helping you achieve that professional look is helping us grow we aim to make you proud of hiring us as the ideal painting contractors in cape town for every sort of paint job. Call on us today for a better looking future. Check out our contact page here.

Our main areas include: Claremont, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Green Point, Fresnaye, Rondebosch, Bishopscourt, Newlands, Upper Wynberg, Kenilworth, Plattekloof, Parklands, Tableview, Blouberg